Homestead Garden Calendar (2024)

We have cultivated vegetables, fruit trees, fruits, and herbs, fostering self-sufficiency and a deep connection to the land in our homestead garden. Join Poly’s Farm in the steps it takes to create a thriving suburban homestead.

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Plant Mint Indoors

June 1

Mint is the next herb and leafy green added to our indoor garden. Divide a mint plant from the outside garden bed and plant in a pot with clean soil to bring it into the indoor garden. Or, if purchasing or planting from seed, you can create a beautiful mint bed in a larger pot of several varieties!

If you’re wondering why we’re adding to the indoor garden in the early heat of the summer, it’s because all of the mint in our garden bed in our backyard garden on Poly’s Farm should be at its peak loveliness. Mint was one of the first items we put into the garden, and with very little gardening experience, I realized how wonderfully easy to grow and immensely useful mint is.

However, one major downside is that mint is a perennial that spreads like crazy. We built the mint garden bed to be fenced in on the bottom, but it still tries to spread aggressively each year and requires to be cut back or else it will get away! Mints will grow leaves year-round if a frost doesn’t kill them off, so growing mint indoors in a contained space means there are no downsides to growing it indoors.

This mint isn’t only for tea–stay tuned for sauce recipes, tinctures, and herbal medicine recipes coming soon with this handy little plant.


June 1
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