Homestead Crafts to Sell and DIY

Whether crafting for personal fulfillment or to sell, homestead crafts blend self-sufficiency and artistry to turn your passion into a profitable endeavor.

Homestead crafts to sell

Practicing self-sufficiency on a homestead involves embracing a DIY ethos.

As homesteaders, we prioritize creating essentials for our personal use. With practice and craftsmanship over time, we can share our skills the our communities and homestead crafts can be sold for a profit or to fund the homestead.

Whether it’s cultivating crops, crafting furniture, or preserving food, the dedication to mastering traditional skills fosters a sense of independence and connection to the land.

Home Essentials & Survival

In the pursuit of survival and self-sufficiency, crafting basic home essentials from natural resources becomes paramount in maintaining autonomy and resilience.


Ensure a steady supply of light and ambiance by mastering candlemaking on your homestead.


Keep clean by knowing how to make your own soap to keep you and your family safe and self-sufficient, relying less on grocery stores for basic needs.

Make Soap at Home: A Simple Recipe for Beginners, Homesteaders of America

Cleaning Products

Learn how to keep a clean and sanitized home with homemade products that are as close to the Earth as possible and also stretch your budget.


Never be left in the cold, know how to make various types of firestarters from the natural elements.

Herbal Supplements & Medicine

Study how to use plants to heal and learn the ancient craft of herbalism. Get to know some of the most well-studied plants in modern medicine, and how you can reap the benefits from your garden.

Home Decor and Gifts

Creating DIY homestead gifts and home decor infuses personal touches and rustic charm into every piece, reflecting the warmth and authenticity of a self-sustaining lifestyle.

Handcrafted Wooden Signs

Use reclaimed wood from fallen branches or old barns to create charming signs with messages or quotes, adding a rustic touch to any home.

Pressed Flower Art

Preserve flowers and foliage from your garden by pressing them between book pages, then use them to create beautiful framed artwork or handmade greeting cards.

Herbal Sachets

Fill small fabric pouches with dried herbs like lavender, rosemary, or mint grown in your garden, then tie them with twine for fragrant sachets that can be placed in drawers or closets.

Handwoven Baskets

Gather flexible branches or vines to weave into baskets of various shapes and sizes, ideal for organizing produce, storing blankets, or displaying decorative items.

Seed Bombs

Mix seeds with clay and compost, then shape them into balls and let them dry. These seed bombs can be gifted to encourage pollinator-friendly gardening.