Sitting in your dark, lifeless living room you wonder if the space could be put to better use, as you procrastinate to go out grocery shopping on this gloomy day. You think to yourself, “It is a new year, a fresh start, how can I live better?”

To live closer to how our ancestors did—to be healthy, active, knowledgable and independent—is true freedom. Get your step-by-step roadmap to grow, cook, bake, and ferment your way to self-sufficiency, wherever you are.

Start Your Homesteading Journey

Homesteading Starter Pack:

A day-by-day resource and planner for starting a homestead from scratch: grow your own food, save money, and gain self-sufficiency.

Day 1

2. Sow an indoor herb garden

Let's get weird and start eating our houseplants! Collect these materials to sow some starter herbs: basil, cilantro, and parsley.

Sow These Top 3 Indoor Herbs

3. Stock the pantry

Clean out the fridge, freezer and pantry, and restock with a whole-food minimalist grocery list based on what we'll grow in the garden.

Stock Your Homestead Pantry

4. Eat a whole-food meal

Blend a simple fruit smoothie after a long day of homesteading. Eating real, whole foods from the homestead is the cornerstone to staying on track, and soon we will be able to say we grew the ingredients!

Garden Smoothie Ideas

Are you ready for day two?

Track your progress and get a detailed roadmap for growing your own food

Start Your Homestead