Homestead Garden Calendar (2024)

We have cultivated vegetables, fruit trees, fruits, and herbs, fostering self-sufficiency and a deep connection to the land in our homestead garden. Join Poly’s Farm in the steps it takes to create a thriving suburban homestead.

Cook Palak Paneer


Meal prep a generous family serving size of palak paneer for dinner tonight and freeze the excess. Palak paneer is a spicy and savory Indian dish that is packed with nutrients thanks to the generous amounts of spinach and other vegetables. The paneer provides filling protein and fat, and this creamy dish can server up […]

Cook Vegetable Chili


This plant-based staple is heavy on veggies, is easy to preserve as a frozen meal, and saves money on groceries. It is easy to change up the flavor of this chili throughout the seasons as we grow different herbs and homegrown vegetables. Meal prep a vegetable chili for each month and freeze whatever you don't […]

Sprout Chia Seeds


Our first little sprout has emerged in our sunny indoor garden! Sprout the chia seeds in a jar from our minimalist grocery list to add our first leafy green to the bunch. Not all seeds can be sprouted and eaten safely, or necessarily taste good anyway. Chia seeds are a great sprout to grow for […]

Event Series Declutter Pantry

Declutter Pantry


It's that time of year again, to reset and start a new diet. With a freshly stocked whole foods kitchen, this week is the time to declutter your pantry to prioritize eating any excess grocery items or donate or discard food that will not be eaten. Clean out the fridge and freezer and wipe off […]